SAY-HR-SEA Batch 2

School of Advocacy for Youth on Human Rights in Southeast Asia

The school emerged since 2021 bridging youth advocates to duty bearers while enhancing their advocacy skills. Through the school, we have distilled our knowledge and expertise into a comprehensive capacity-building program that aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of youth in human rights advocacy across Southeast Asia and ASEAN. It has always been to facilitate youth participants with a better understanding of human rights, the importance of advocacy, and the necessary skills to engage in advocacy campaigns in Southeast Asia / ASEAN.

At ASEAN Youth Forum, we encourage all youth to continually develop and hone their skills for the advancement of human rights in our region. Through collective efforts and a commitment to advocacy, we can make a lasting impact on the promotion and protection of human rights.

In solidarity, always

Rastra Yasland
Co-Initiator of SAY-HR-SEA
Regional Programme Manager at ASEAN Youth Forum


School of Advocacy for Youth on Human Rights in Southeast Asia (SAY-HR-SEA, or the school) is an initiative that revolves around the idea that youth shall be facilitated with relevant human rights knowledge, effective advocacy skills, and rights-based approaches that are intersectional, analytical, and critical. The school started in 2021 virtually. 

Cohort 1: July - August 2021, Virtually
Participants: 10 youth from Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and The Philippines
Mentors: Rastra, Rosalind, Reylynne, and Sudthida
Co-conveners: ASEAN Youth Forum, Plan International, and AICHR Indonesia.

In 2022, SAY-HR-SEA committed to empower youth with modalities in order for them to unlearn, learn, design, and implement advocacy initiatives and activities in the region, specifically on claiming the space that youth have in the mechanisms in the region. The overarching objective of the school is to increase the capacity of youth in the region on human rights. 

Cohort 2: May - August 2022, Virtually
Participants: 10 youth from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and The Philippines
Mentors: Rastra, Rosalind, Reylynne, and Sudthida
Co-conveners: ASEAN Youth Forum, Plan International, and AICHR Indonesia.

This year (2023) the school will focus to facilitate the improving understanding of the youth related to Human Rights, "welfare", and Advocacy Skills, and activism skills including holistic security and psychosocial security. 

Cohort 3: July - August 2023, Virtually & On-Site in Bangkok
Participants: 12 youth from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Timor-Leste, The Philippines, and Vietnam.
Mentors: Rastra, Hajar, Astried and Aliyah
Convener: ASEAN Youth Forum



SCHOOL oF ADVOCACY FOR YOUTH on human rights in SOutheast ASIA (SAY-HR-SEA)-14


1. Inclusive Education for Children with Disability  by Ruslina (Thailand) & Arie (Indonesia)
2. Better Education System for The Enforcement of Human Rights by Pascoela (Timor-Leste) and Nurdinah (Indonesia)
3. Freedom of Religion or Belief issues in ASEAN Member States by Cessie (Indonesia)
4. Deprivation of the Right to Life with the Involvement of Illegal Drugs and Political Interventions by Jamber, Marianne, and Aly (The Philippines)
5. Burma: The Story So Far by Min Punia and Thin Thazin (Myanmar)




  1. Tackling sand smuggling in Southeast Asia: A Human Rights Issue by Lastrina (Singapore), Sarah (Brunei Darussalam), and Terese (Singapore)
  2. Discriminative and Non-Inclusive Educational System in Southeast Asia by Mayu (Lao PDR) and Ricardo (Timor-Leste)
  3. The Right to Choose College Majors by Nasa (Cambodia)
  4. The Inadequacy of Reporting Mechanism for Cases of Violence against Women in Indonesia by Randy (Indonesia)
  5. The Long Road to Inclusive Access to Safe Abortion in Indonesia and The Philippines by Aqilla (Indonesia) and Mark (The Philippines)
  6. Myanmar Coup & ASEAN: What Must Be Done by NwayOo / နွေဦး (Myanmar)


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Alumni Testimonials

"The most valuable lesson I learned is to never be afraid to speak up because our voice matters."

"I learn to elaborate my opinion towards my issues to make it scientific and comprehensive."

"I am now able to speak confidently on behalf of the minorities and seek advices to people i have network with through SAY-HR-SEA. The meeting with relevant stakeholders not only benefitted in networking but also understanding contexts and mechanisms of the process."

"As this is a very good foundational program for any youth who wants to work as a Human Rights activist, I will recommend this program."

"SAYHRSEA provides you the safest space to speak your mind out but also considerate."

"the program gives such a wonderful opportunity for youth to use their critical thinking towards human rights issues."

"I'll admit that presenting the injustices in my country is nerve-wrecking. But if I will not speak about it, then who will let the world know."

"It made me more confident. I was able to see from a new perspective that I have youth like across Southeast Asia. Now, I am part of other movements that also help me. With the guidance of my mentors from the AYF, who never failed to show their support, I'm now confident with my works in activism."

"I was able to voiced out my view, opinions and recommendation in a Regional scale which really help strengthen my activism. Lastly, I was able to gain new insights and perspective from youths all over ASEAN."

"I think this program would be a great opportunity for youths to increase their soft skills such as presenting and research. This program has also increase my tolerance, respect for diversity and awareness for Human Rights."

"[Taking the program] you will not only learn and advocate, but you will also have fun. It's not too heavy. It's the perfect amount of seriousness and happiness. I am also surrounded by people who are really direct with what they want and I am reakky insipired to become like my mentors."